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We have created this wedding videography blog so that you can keep up with all of our latest films and projects in Nashville TN and elswhere.

Hannah & Brandon Wedding Highlight Film

Don't let Hannah and Brandon's romantic rustic setting for their wedding fool you...September 10th's celebration of their love was as spectacular as it gets! Mallard's Croft was the perfect setting for the wedding with rolling pasture's cradling the authentic and charming reception barn and beautiful outdoor ceremony area. My favorite part of the entire day was the heartfelt letters they wrote that so perfectly expressed the deep love they share. So, with no further ado, we proudly present Hannah and Brandons' wedding highlight film. A story of love unbridled...

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Nely & Moises Wedding Highlight Film

Nashville, Videography by Lynn Productions Nashville, Tennessee, Wedding Cinematographers, Wedding Videographers

Megan & Jacob Wedding Highlight Film

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Heather & Kirkland Wedding Highlight Film

Videography by Lynn Productions Nashville, Wedding Cinematographers

Heather & Ryan Wedding Highlight Film

It's not often that you find a couple whose first meeting was love at first sight. Not only did Ryan fall head over heels for Heather, he got down on one knee and proposed to her 5 minutes after they first met! Though Heather did not take Ryan seriously then, I think they both knew deep down that they were destined to be together. I'm so glad we had the privilege to capture and tell the story of such an undeniable love through this highlight film.

Mint Spring Farms Nashville TN, Videography by Lynn Productions Nashville, Wedding Cinematographers

Jessica & Jordan Wedding Wedding Film

Highlight Wedding Film by Lynn Productions Nashville, Wedding Cinematographers

Erin & Ryan Wedding Wedding Film

Just finished up Erin and Ryan's wedding highlight film! It was a blast to film and edit this wedding. Erin and Ryan had such amazing personalities and the their spirits for adventure and the love they share for each other are the reason we at Lynn Productions love being wedding videographers! From the fun and excitement of the reception to the heartfelt emotions of the ceremony, it was a roller coaster ride of a day that we will never forget. We are so thankful to have been able to film their wedding and to be apart of it all. Congratulations you guys!!!!

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Melissa & Dustin Wedding Short Film

This wedding was can only be described with one word...EPIC! From the heart warming speeches at the reception to the ring bearing mastiff at the wedding ceremony (who by the way, is apparently still single) everything was picture perfect. Laughter, love, and tears were all wrapped into one unforgettable day! Congratulation Melissa and Dustin!

Wedding Videography by Lynn Productions Nashville

Mark & Cindy Wedding Highlight Film

We recently had the honor of filming the wedding of an absolutely wonderful couple, and the venue that Mark and Cindy chose was simply spectacular. Mint Spring Farms in Nashville TN trully fit this couples personality and sytle perfectly. The ceremony was nothing short of magical, but as perfect as every part of the wedding was, the most beautiful thing was the love you could see in Cindy and Mark's eyes when they looked at each others. It wasn't hard filming this wedding and telling their story, becuase they told it in every smile and glance they shared with each other that day. We are so glad Cindy and Mark chose us as their wedding videography team. It was a blast telling the story of their wedding day through film.

Jessica & Christopher Wedding Highlight Film

We are so excited to share Jessica and Christopher's wedding highlight film! There is a lot to love about this couple but the way they fearlessly show their feelings and love for each other is breathtaking. The couple wrote incredibly beautiful pre wedding love letters to one another that really are increbily touching. I don't say this much but everything about this wedding spoke to the couples personalities. This wedding celebration took place at the rustic yet elegant, Peaceful Oaks Bed and Breakfast, located in the small town of Medina TN, about 2 hours east of Nashville TN. Congratulations to Jessica and Christopher! We had such a blast with you guys and wish you the best in your new fairytale life together!

Brittany & Jean-Baptiste Wedding Highlight Film

Brittany & Jean-Baptiste's gorgeous wedding took place in scenic Bee Springs, KY. It was a refreshing change of pace from our normal routine of Nashville weddings. It turned out a beautiful sunny day and the wedding couldn't have gone any smoother! The grooms french background made for a unique and fun ceremony, where most of the service was translated in his language. However, one thing is for sure. The couples true love for each other was not lost in translation. The connection the couple has really is showcased in their wedding film. Brittany and Jean-Baptiste, congratulations! It was such a pleasure working with you and we find your love trully an inspiration.

Michele & Stephen Wedding Highlight Film

To us a "wedding story" is more than just a film. As with every film we shoot in Nashville or elsewhere, we strive to capture the emotions of the day in way that relives every special moment of the wedding. About a month ago we got the chance to do just that when we sent two of our top wedding videographers to Jackson Mississippi to film Michele and Stephen's wedding. It was a gorgeous wedding with a New Orleans themed Reception. We then spent the later part of 4 weeks editing and crafting their wedding story. So please, relax and enjoy Michele and Stephens wedding story.

Victoria & Tony Wedding Wedding Highlight Film

Victoria and Tony's wedding was nothing short of breathtaking and we tried to capture their special day in way that encompassed the beauty and personalities of the bride and groom. We were so excited to have the chance to create a highlight film for them as they joined their hearts and souls that day. It was such an honor and pleasure to work with Victoria and Tony and we wish them all the best on their journey in life together!

Anna & Tim Wedding Wedding Highlight Film

Anna and Tim's wedding had to be one of my favorite of all time. After filming the wedding we decided to create a highlight film that told their wedding day story in a unique way by starting at the ceremony and then flashing back to beggining of the day when everyone was just getting ready. Besides the fact that Tim and Anna are simply incredible people and so much fun to work with, the best part about filming their wedding was the location. The beautiful First Baptist Church and Twin Oaks are right down the street from where I grew up!

Vaishnavi & Mannu Wedding Wedding Highlight Film

You may have already realized from our weddings that we love telling a story through film. Telling stories is our passion and pushes our filmmaking skills. We also love going outside our comfort zone and filming weddings in Nashville and else where that are unique in their own ways. When Viash called us and wanted us to film her Indian wedding, we were more than excited! The beautiful colors and traditions of an Indian wedding was something I always wanted to capture on film. The wedding day turned out picture perfect with beautiful weather. It was so much fun filming all of the dances, parades and rituals. It was such a pleasure to work with Vaish and Mannu and we wish them all the best on their journey in life together!

Christina & Scott Wedding Highlight Film

Everything about Christina and Scott's wedding was absolutely beautiful. We were so excited to get the chance to film their perfect day. However, I have to say my favorite part of the entire wedding was the family dance off at the reception! It really was such a pleasure to work with Christina and Scott and we wish them all the best as they live happily ever after together!

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